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The aim of the project Mestske vcely (Urban bees) is to enable public, organisations and schools to actively participate in protection of bees and other pollinators directly in the place of their residence without any need to travel. Urban beehives placed in five cities in Slovakia make urban beekeeping more popular and open it for interested people from broad public and schools. Cooperation with municipalities in activity “Pollinator Friendly Municipality“ supports close-to-nature management of green areas in urban areas and targets landscape gardening friendly to pollinators.

Project Mestske vcely was part of the project Nevyšliapanou cestou (The Road Less Travelled – partner Urban Agriculture Netz Basel, Swiss) in years 2013 – 2015 and in 2014 – 2015 of the project Adoptuj si včelu (Adopt a Bee – partner Greenpeace Slovensko).

Nowadays we care of 3 urban beekeeping points in Bratislava – Stará tržnica, Vodárenská komunitná záhrada and Slovenská sporiteľňa. Care for urban beekeeping points in other cities take selected organisations and skilled beekeepers. Places, where we do have our beehives are diverse, so they create many best practice examples (rooftops, public parks, and public gardens).
Urban beekeeping points also offer programs for public and schools.

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